Sign the Letter!

BABEL Working Group is circulating this open letter to the University of Toronto in support of CUPE’s strike and negotiations. While we know a deal has been offered, we are by no means assured that the deal is fair. We want to continue to support CUPE through negotiations and to apply pressure to the University administration.

If you would like to sign this letter, please send an email to

BABEL is not a group with closed membership, nor are we limited to academia. We are a pan/para/alt-ac group committed to radical transformation of intellectual, scholarly (and pseudo-scholarly), and artistic pursuits of all varieties–legitimate and illegitimate.

We are a sp-/place that stands up for bastard scholarship, critical liberal arts, activist work, and public humanities projects.

We are also non-hierarchical, rhizomatic, and built on a principle of “radical conviviality.” One need not “commit” to BABEL in any way to participate in an event, project, or public outreach. In essence, ANYONE can dabble in BABEL.

Which is all to say that one need not be a BABELer or a dabbler to sign our letter and support the group’s call for a fair contract for U of T workers. Anyone who styles him/her/themself as an intellectual or activist is welcome to add their voice to the cause and sign our open letter. Please feel welcome to do so under any affiliation whatsoever!

Sign the Letter!

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